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Antique Pocket Watches - NOT FOR SALE

Several pocket watches fall into the antique category, being well over 100 years old.  Of particular interest is the 1862 18k gold ladies' pendant set converted to wristlet and of course, the erotic pocket watch that is easily 130 years old. 


Waltham Solid Gold 18K (1889 Kent Bros. Watch) (Item #W010)  

This is an Exceptional Quality 18K Solid Gold Pocket Watch.

The serial number of this watch indicates manufacture in 1889 and was sold by Kent's Bros. who retailed (and signed the dial) of this Waltham Wm. Ellery, Model 83 Hunting style watch. 

It is 11 jewel, size 18, full-plate, with ....More info and views


c.1860s 18k Solid Gold Pendant Set Converted to Wristlet (Wristwatch) with original box (Item #W011)  

Beginning life as a pendant set watch and later (in 1871) converted to a wristlet watch, while the original chain is long gone, the original box remains and dates to 1862.  18k with all the hallmarks to indicate solid gold and...more info and pictures


Erotic Pocket Watch  (Item #W012)  

This erotic pocket watch  is circa 1875 and is signed Bovet. There is a sweep second hand and separate dial to tell time plus the added complication of a mechanical animation.

The porcelain dial is in good shape.

This beautiful old piece still works… loses about 5 minutes a day (which I expect we all will when we reach this age).

For More Information and Additional Pictures



Parkin & Sons 19th Century (c.1893) Silver Pocket Watch (Item #W013)  

Parkin & Sons 19th Century (1893) Silver Pocket Watch

Parkin and Son, Doncaster, was the jeweller that marketed this 19th Century silver keywind, keyset, pocket watch. 

There are Birmingham hallmarks dating the piece to 1893...More Info and Pictures



A. W. Waltham Silveroid Pocket Watch (c.1881) (Item #W014)  

This is a Model 77 Pocket Watch(referring to the first year this movement was manufacturer - 1877) Silveroid Size 18, Full Place, 11 Jewel Pocket Watch with Expansion Balance. 

The movement is referred to as...more information and pictures